Un show technique

A technically exaggerated choreographic anthology

As part of the graduation show of the PJE (Production Jeun’est) stage technique training program, LES ARCHIPELS presented a choreographic anthology composed of different pieces from their repertoire. The choreographers were given carte blanche as to the content of the show. The only constraint imposed? That the technique be extremely present. Moving light, video projections, sound compositions, and acrobatic rigging were incorporated with pleasure and humor in their works L’indifférence (2015), Fil conducteur (2015), Prend su toé (2016) and Frictions (2017).

“A beautiful evening that shows on the stage some beautiful dancing and also, behind and to the sides, some great new talent in technique.”

– Robert Saint-Amour, Sur les pas du spectateur



Choreographers: Philippe Meunier and Ian Yaworski in collaboration with the performers: Jonathan C. Rousseau, David Campbell, Philippe Meunier, Antoine Turmine and Ian Yaworski. Composer: Antoine Berthiaume. Costume designer: Camille Thibault-Bédard. Video: Pierre-Luc Corbeil, Rémi Labonté-Godin, Mardoché Saint-Louis and Robin Samson-Daoust. Lighting: Jérémie Dumouchel-Tremblay, Maxence Feuillette and Marie-Soleil Thériault. Sound: Derek Bevins, Chloé Daigle and Charles-Édouard Hughes. Rigging: Étienne Chabot, Alex Kotsoros, Nomy Mathieu-Pétrin and Andréanne Sénécal. Trainers: François-Michel Beauchamp, David Chevrier, Alexandre Gauthier, Marcus Gauthier, Julien Lefebvre, Carl Lavoie, Rachel Réard , Pierre Rémillard and Guy Vincent. Technical director: Julien Robert-Lavigne. PJE/Prodigium team: Pier Colbert, Marie-Eve Dagenais, Josée Lauzon, Luc Villandré and Julien Robert-Lavigne. Photos: PJE.



Un show technique was presented for the first time by Productions Jeun’Est in October 2018.