Performance in movement adapted to its location

Frictions is an ambulatory performance in situ. A deconstructed contemporary jig, but above all moving and touching by the relationships it presents, first between the performers, then between the performers and the audience. The audience is plunged into the heart of a work where rhythm, play, pleasure, and rigor are felt.

“A sensitive and touching performance.”

– Michel LaFrenière, City of Longueuil


Choreographers: Philippe Meunier and Ian Yaworski in collaboration with the performers (alternating): Jonathan C.-Rousseau, David Campbell, Sébastien Chalumeau, Philippe Meunier, Olivier Rousseau, Liane Thériault, Antoine Turmine and Ian Yaworski. Composer: Antoine Berthiaume. Rehearsal director: Jessica Serli. Costume designer: Cloé Alain-Gendreau. Photos: Vitor Munhoz

Frictions was presented for the first time by Festival Quartiers Danse in September 2017.