Prend su toé

Ian: “I like it!”
Philip: “I don’t.”
A short piece about negotiation


Prends su toé is an invitation to enter the choreographers’ creative process and allows the audience to discover what goes on behind the scenes, from the dance studio to the stage. Fueled by reflections on belonging, ambivalence, and authenticity, this project is first and foremost a research on negotiation. Straddling the line between dance performance and stage documentary, the anecdotal universe of Prends su toé offers a deconstructed contemporary jig where the audience is invited to travel back and forth between the studio and the stage.

“A funny, entertaining, and intelligent piece.”

– Caroline Dusseault, at the opening cocktail of the Festival Tournant



Choreographers and performers: Philippe Meunier and Ian Yaworski. Artistic advisor: Delphine Véronneau. Technical director and Lighting designer: Ian Yaworski. Photos: Bernard Brault and Romain Lorraine.



Prends su toé was first presented by BIGICO in April 2016.