Created in 2019, LES ARCHIPELS is the result of a meeting between two dancers and choreographers with a traditional dance background and a desire to create a resolutely contemporary language. They are joined by several collaborators, both regular and occasional, who feed the ecosystem of LES ARCHIPELS.


Defining ourselves as ARCHIPELS (archipelagos) allows us to put forward both the company as a whole (a creative platform) and each of the elements that animate it (each collaborator, regular or occasional). Defining ourselves as ARCHIPELS thus marks the deep desire to facilitate the passage from the individual to the collective, and from the intimate to the public (in one direction as in the other).

Top Photo: Anne-Claire Vimal du Monteil.
In the photo: Antoine Turmine and Sébastien Chalumeau.



Through a gestural and rhythmic vocabulary based on the deconstruction and exploration of the jig and Quebec folklore, the creations of LES ARCHIPELS are interested in the relationships between the individual(s) and society. In the search for meaning, the bodies tell, feel, and make feel, diverge and come together, and unfold in a whole series of gestures, rhythms, cadences, times, and counter-times. Adapting to the context, the place, and the collaborators, the creations are an illustration of this freedom of movement and creation.

Photo: Vitor Munhoz.
In the photo: Philippe Meunier and Ian Yaworski.