Our vision of contemporary Quebec folklore brought to the screen


Using intuition to piece together their clouded memory, a group struggles to rebuild their identity through sheer will. Inspired by shindigs from a forgotten era, Recueil is a toast to the future of our cultural identity, building itself anew as quickly as individuals reinvent themselves.


This choreographic work by Philippe Meunier and Ian Yaworkski, created for film, speaks of a common ground where traditional Quebec folklore interacts with a raw, grounded and fully embodied style of movement. A narrative blended with heightened awareness of the sounds produced by bodies in space.


Recueil (2023) | 20 min. – Projet numérique (ciné danse)



Director : Philippe Meunier
Original music : Antoine Berthiaume
Choreography & artistic direction : Philippe Meunier and Ian Yaworski
In collaboration with the performers : Jonathan C.-Rousseau, David Campbell, Sébastien Chalumeau, Éva Dortélus, Catherine Lafleur, Geneviève Lauzon, Andréa Niño, Liane Thériault and Antoine Turmine.


Director of photography : Alexandre Boudreault
Steadicam operator : Maude Turcot
Lighting designer : Karine Gauthier
Editor : Philippe Meunier


Costume designer : Cloé Alain-Gendreau
Hair & makeup : Thomas Rousseau and Ann-Frédéric Tremblay
Rehearsal director : Corinne Crane-Desmarais
Dramaturgical consultant : Benjamin Prescott La Rue
Poster graphic design : Gabrielle Godbout
Photos : Vitor Munhoz


Produced by : Les Archipels
We wish to thank Conseil des arts du Canada



Recueil - Design : Gabrielle Godbout, Photo : Vitor Munhoz