300 children for International Dance Day


As part of the International Dance Day 2019, Tangente and LES ARCHIPELS invited the audience to attend two performances of the piece JoBlo, created by and for 300 students of the elementary school Lanaudière.


The choreography was performed at Place des Festivals (Quartier des spectacles in Montreal) by the children to the song Let’s Go Out, an original creation by singer-songwriter Dumas. The activity is the result of more than 125 school workshops on initiation and creation in contemporary jig, body percussion, and contemporary dance.

‘What would life be like without a challenge?”

– Saffron, 3rd grade


“A moment too short, but very rich and hopeful.”

– Robert Saint-Amour, Sur les pas du spectateur



Choreographers: Philippe Meunier and Ian Yaworski in collaboration with the students from the school Lanaudière: grades 3, 4, 5, and 6. Composer: Dumas. Teacher: Laurence Éthier. Section guides: Matéo Chauchat, Laurence Éthier, Chloé Hart, Raphaëlle Rennucci, Cara Roy, Gabrielle Roy and Camille Trudel. Photos: Denis Martin.